Watch how easy it is for our certified ethical hacker to gain access to 3 separate systems in only 3 minutes!

All businesses are facing challenges but one of the greatest is stopping hackers gaining access to your IT systems.

With the availability of automated tools and scripts, hackers no longer need to sit and manually try and gain entry to your systems.  What’s more worrying about this, is that all businesses are a target and hackers only need to be specific about who they try and penetrate once they have gained access.  They will steal your data; they will use your logins to gain access to other systems and they may even hold you to ransom.

To help explain the risks involved and to educate, we asked certified ethical hacker to try and gain access to 3 systems by varying means.  This was filmed from both the ethical hacker and the victim’s machines, so that you can see how it happens.

Moments like these are rarely captured on video…

Attack One – Ransomware.  All of your data is encrypted until you pay a sum of money for the decryption key to get it back, which is never guaranteed.

Attack Two – Phishing.  A fake portal is setup to lure you into typing your “real” credentials so they can then gain access to your live accounts.

Attack Three – Windows Exploit.  Find out why it’s so important to keep your systems updated with security patches, and never use operating systems or software which is no longer supported.

Businesses are subjected to the consequences of these attacks every single day.  These video’s scared us, what do you think?

A few questions:

  1. Have these video’s highlighted how easy it could be for a hacker to gain access to YOUR systems?
  2. Is your business protected with the right blend of software, training for staff and do you have the processes needed to protect your IT and data?
  3. Have you ever had an IT review? You could gain peace of mind knowing your data, staff and systems are safe.

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