The IT Industry is dynamic and ever-changing and always needs skilled employees. With the recent growth of the IT industry, companies are turning to outside sources to help them fill their vacant positions. However, finding, training and retaining top-quality IT personnel can be a massive challenge for many businesses.

Stratiis can provide your business with expert resources from a pool of qualified engineers to help achieve your business goals - think of us as an extension of your existing team.

At Stratiis, our team of technical specialists have been carefully vetted for their technical abilities and customer service proficiency. This ensures that They each are highly skilled and undertake rigorous training to keep up to date with all the latest developments and ensure that they meet our high standards.

As a part of our quality assurance, each technical specialist has reference and background checks done, which are completed as standard.

What is IT resourcing? 

IT resourcing enables you to obtain and take advantage of skills that may not exist within your business as and when you need them, while still maintaining control and direction.

By using Stratiis IT resourcing services, you are guaranteed that support will always be on hand when you need it!

Benefits of Stratiis IT resourcing services 

  • Provision of dedicated technical resources
  • Access to a team of highly qualified IT professionals
  • Reduce the budget spent on training internal teams
  • Expert IT management and maintenance of your systems
  • Pool of resources for holiday and sickness cover

Stratiis, being an IT resourcing service provider can help you find the right candidates for IT-related job roles like Front/Back end Developer, Full Stack Developer, Mobile Developer, QA Analyst, UI/UX Designer, Solution Architect, Project Manager, Data Scientist, Support Analyst, DevOps Engineer, System Administrator, and more.

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