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15 Best Practices to Ensure Software License Compliance

There is a chance every day in your life you use a piece of software. You might create presentations or spreadsheets on Microsoft Office, enjoy Google’s software when looking for an answer to a question, or use a productivity tool ...

What is network monitoring & why is it important?

Computer networks are the backbone of modern organisations, facilitating seamless communication, data transfer, and business operations. For this reason, it is essential to ensure the efficiency, reliability, and security of these networks. That is the purpose of network monitoring. With ...

What is IT asset management? Everything you need to know

Effective IT Asset Management, also known as ITAM, is essential for organisations looking to optimise their IT infrastructure, control costs, ensure compliance, and maximise the value of their IT investments. With so much of our professional lives relying on technology ...

10 Key Considerations for Choosing a Managed Service Provider

Organisations increasingly rely on robust IT infrastructure and support to drive their operations and maintain a competitive edge. However, managing an IT environment can be complex and resource-intensive. This is where a Managed Service Provider (MSP) comes in. MSPs are ...

The Key Benefits of Cloud Services for Business

Cloud services offer businesses of all sizes the opportunity to grow. They have revolutionised the way companies currently work, providing on-demand access to scalable computing resources, storage, and a vast array of sophisticated tools and services. By harnessing the power ...

What Are the Biggest Cyber Threats?

We have discussed in this blog the importance of cybersecurity, especially for small businesses. Smaller companies risk bigger losses in case of hacking, and with cybercriminals constantly evolving their techniques and exploiting vulnerabilities, prevention is key. When it comes to ...

Top 11 ways to stay safe online

Online security is an important aspect of modern life. Every transaction and relationship nowadays takes place in the digital world, and the risks are plenty. Protecting yourself and your digital assets requires a proactive approach and a sound understanding of ...

Small Business Guide: Cyber Security

Cyber security has become an essential aspect of doing business. Technology is present in every activity, and potential attacks can have devastating consequences. Small businesses face unique challenges when it comes to cyber security, as they may have limited resources ...

What Is VoIP & How Does It Work?

You are likely already very familiar with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and just don’t know it yet. This technology has been gaining popularity in recent years due to its cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and advanced features. It is what has given ...

Why Data Backup & Recovery is Important for Your Organization

Businesses and individuals alike rely heavily on digital information to operate, make informed decisions, and serve their customers efficiently. Data is at the core of every company and modern relations, from critical financial information to sensitive customer records. Surprisingly, as ...

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