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How to protect yourself from 99% of hacking attempts by implementing one thing

Businesses are under constant threat right now from Cybercrime. Every day cyber criminals steal from thousands of businesses through hacking attacks. It can be a challenge to protect yourself due to the explosion of online accounts and applications, but there ...

Protect your business with this simple step

It is a matter of WHEN your business will be affected by cybercrime nowadays, not IF. A good strong password is only the start of your authentication process. Because passwords can be broken by automated software, you need another line ...

Why bloatware may be slowing down your new device

Often the joy of unboxing and turning on your new device quickly turns to disappointment. Applications pre-installed by the manufacturers can cause performance issues that you certainly do not need. We call this bloatware, and it sure does slow things ...

Not only does older technology slow you down, here's what else is important for you to consider

It is not always important to have the newest and greatest technology, let's face it technology moves at a fast pace and it can be hard to keep up with it. The thing that is important when it comes to ...

Does your current IT provider give you the support you need?

We are open to new clients again. We have provided a top-notch service to all of our clients during the past year and we now want to share that with you. The last year has been strange for all businesses, ...

Our 60 Minute Security Challenge

When it comes to IT we are the experts. We will work with you to find the ways in which hackers can gain access to your systems and could destroy your business. If you allow us 60 minutes to review ...

Covid scams to be aware of that will try and steal your data

Since the pandemic began, cybercrime has skyrocketed. Criminals have been using the pandemic target people online. Do not be caught up in one of these scams, watch our video today to find out what you need to look out for.

Working at home? Make sure you are secure

With the growth of WFH, you can be left exposed to cyber-attacks. Home networks often do not have the same security as businesses do and this can lead to trouble. Watch our new video to see how you can keep ...

Reach your goals this year with Microsoft Planner

Most of us are aware of Microsoft 365 with the rapid adoption by organisations and their staff working from home. Did you also know that you can increase your productivity by using the collaboration tools that are built into the ...

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