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Business efficiency with My Analytics from Microsoft 365

Imagine a dashboard that you could see all of team, and patterns for their work week? This would encourage more collaboration and wellbeing whilst increasing productivity. If you have Microsoft 365 you already have this at your fingertips. Have a ...

It's not only much longer, but also much more difficult to crack long passwords

This sounds like a lot of sense, doesn't it? Despite this lots of people use and re-use the same passwords repeatedly for apps and websites and still use simple passwords as they cant remember long ones! Watch our video to ...

3 ways to become a paperless office

There are a multitude of benefits of going paperless for your business, if you do it the proper way. Here are some suggestions to help you out.

Are your employees honest enough to admit to a security breach?

You should never punish your employees for admitting to a security breach, it's ALWAYS best to be honest about it and you should promote this as a culture within your business. Its easy to become the victim of an online ...

Have you thought whether you should move your business to the cloud?

Everyone has heard of the cloud, and lots of businesses have moved to it or have a hybrid infrastructure. If you haven't heard of it or don't understand what it is, then you probably don't understand the benefits it brings. ...

Immersive Reader - Microsoft Teams

You have heard of Teams and are probably using it in your business right now. We believe it's one of the best Microsoft products that has ever been released. Have a look at our latest video to find out about ...

Deleting data remotely - would you be able to do it for your devices?

If someone in your organisation were to lose a laptop or even a mobile phone, it could create a serious problem for you. Taking the replacement cost aside, the danger of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands will create ...

Microsoft 365 Editor - another useful app included as standard

Sometimes feel like you are struggling with grammar or how to spell the odd word? If that sounds familiar then there's help available from an app you already have if you have a subscription for Microsoft 365. Editor is included ...

Make collaborating easier with Microsoft 365 Lists

Making a list means getting things done. But did you know that you have access to Lists if you already use Microsoft 365? We recommend that you give it a try as it also integrates with other apps you already ...

Brute force attack. What does it mean to your business?

You may have heard of a brute force attack; it is typically how a cyber-attack begins and criminals get access to your account via exploiting weak passwords. Attacks like these are automated and are run by well organised gangs, making ...

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