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How secure is your firewall?

As the first line of defence for your network, a firewall is one of the most important pieces of equipment you have. Despite this, most businesses never think about this and see it is another device that is needed for ...

Scan at home with your phone and OneDrive to quickly send documents

Working from home probably means you don't have access to all of the same equipment as you do in your office. Being able to sign and send documents can be challenging if you have a printer with no scan function ...

Microsoft 365: Allowing you to increase your productivity from anywhere

Microsoft 365 has evolved over the years and now offers a suite of applications you can use on multiple devices from any location. Watch our video to find out more.

Improve your team's productivity and efficiency by using a password manager

By implementing a password manager into your business, not only are you increasing your staff efficiency, but you are also making a huge improvement to your cyber security. It is proven that businesses who adopt password managers not only reduce ...

Add more to your presentations with PowerPoint

Whether you like it or not, Microsoft PowerPoint can pack a punch when you use it to deliver your message with audio included. You can communicate with your colleagues or clients more effectively when you add audio to your presentations. ...

Using 'Smart Lookup' in Microsoft Excel to boost your productivity

If you use Microsoft Excel often you will know that it is not just good with numbers. There are loads of features built into Excel that you can use to make yourself more productive and your life easier. If you ...

You don't leave home without locking your door and windows, why take the chance with your data security?

Everyone locks their door as they leave their house. The approach by some people is different when it comes to the security and data within their business. This is a huge risk to their organisation as more people are trying ...

Be Cyber Aware and Always Lookout For Malware

Most businesses think email is the primary source for cyber criminals to attack and penetrate their IT Systems. Whilst we have been warning about this for a long time, it's not the only place you need to protect. Have a ...

3 Signs that you may have been hacked

Not only can a hacker get into your system without you knowing about it, but it is also sometimes impossible to tell how long they have been there as they cover their tracks very well. You always need to remain ...

How to protect your data and staff in their homes

Many businesses have adopted remote working throughout the last year and it is going to be here for some time to come. Do you know what it means for the security of your data? There are risks involved allowing your ...

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